Dye-sensitized Solar Cell

Among sustainable technologies, such as tidal power, solar thermal, hydropower and biomass, photovoltaic technology is regarded as the most efficient. In 1954, the first practical photovoltaic cell using diffused silicon p-n junctions was designed at Bell Laboratories, with an efficiency of 6%. The important means of producing high-efficiency solar cells are reducing reflectance, trapping light in the cell and increasing light absorption. Silicon solar cells have achieved electricity conversion efficiencies […]

How to Make Solar Cells

In this project we want to find out if we can actually construct our own solar cell and improve its design to make it work as efficiently as possible. We would also like to find out how real solar panels work and why electrical energy is generated when these are placed in the sun. The project wants to find an answer to the following questions; Can a solar panel be […]

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Renewed interest in solar energy conversion has been inspired by concerns regarding carbon dioxide pollution, job creation, and market instabilities due to the geopolitics and widespread consumption of fossil fuels. This interest is likely to be self-sustaining due to larger economies of scale, new materials and processes, and a fundamental understanding of the basic properties required for solar energy converters that are both economical and efficient. Consequently, there has been […]

Organic Solar Cells

The fluctuating price of energy, due to a variety of reasons ranging from geo-political constraints to national and international economic issues, and the fact that these energy resources are finite, can be seen as the main incentives to make a transition to a clean energy society. Solar energy is just one of many ways to make this transition a reality, and of the raft of clean energy technologies available, solar […]

10 Solar Energy Facts

Read 7 solar energy facts on previous post. Fact 8 until fact 10 are here: Fact 8: Solar energy also has another legendary use: Photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis, solar energy is converted by green plants into chemical energy, which creates a bio mass, which is fossil fuel. Photosynthesis is the most important biological process on Earth. The photosynthesis of the past is what had stored the Sun’s energy that ultimately produced […]

7 Solar Energy Facts

Solar power is pretty awesome, and it can save you a lot of money and reduce the consumption of dirty fuels (for electricity). From now on, only a tenth of the world’s energy comes from solar energy, but the potential for the future is amazing. Here are 7 facts about solar energy are presented: Fact 1: Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on planet Earth.¬†Only a tiny fraction […]